Websites Without High Risks or Headaches

Your website ought to make doing business easier

What's The Risk?

Here’s how most Developers and Marketing Agencies Work:

You Take On 100% of the risk
Risk 100%
You Take On 100% of the Cost
Cost 100%
They Are NOT responsible for results
Cost 0%

The result is that you’ve been pushed WAY too fast and paid for unproven methods that don’t generate results!

Spending a lot of money under this plan is RISKY.

How We Work

We start small with you, keeping risk down
Risk 20%
This also keeps costs down
Cost 20%
We ONLY provide more services if your site generates results
Results 100%

As your site generates results with small wins, we guide you forward with services to enhance these results

The Journey

Whether you know it or not, this is the journey you’re currently on

Each step requires the previous, but you don’t need to complete each step to get desired results.

Stage 1: Knowing What To Say
Estimated Results 35%
Stage 2: Having A Website That Speaks For You
Estimated Results 40%
Stage 3: Properly Representing Yourself Outside Your Site
Estimated Results 60%
Stage 4: Getting Your Message In Front Of Your Audience
Estimated Results 85%
Stage 5: Having a System to Back You Up
Estimated Results 99%

The Critical Components

VALUE is our main goal, and here’s where it’s at! 


Know What To Say, To Whom, and When!

We sit down and spend about an hour building a StoryBrand Script, your most CRITICAL component of a valuable website.

A website without the right words is a worthless website.

Design Standard

Fonts, Colors, Layouts, Oh My!

Coupled with the Storybrand Script, we work together to build a Branding Guide which will determine what fonts and colors to use across all your future media.

This standard creates more faith in your brand and business.


Odds are, we know somebody!

We’re strictly Web Developers, but that doesn’t mean we can’t point you in the right direction. If we find that a specific marketing strategy is for you, we probably know someone!

We’ll connect you with the right person to get you going.

Sales-Driven Home

For Both Direct and Indirect Sales!

Using the Storybrand Script we develop together, we design your home page to be punchy and focused on the results you’ll bring to your customers.

This leads to more calls and easier sales.

Feedback Engine

Catch Problems...and Reviews!

Reviews are the lifeblood of your businesses online presence. You need a consistent way to get reviews online, while weeding out and fixing problems.

We offer solutions for this specific issue.

Online Listings

Make You More Visible Online!

These are the homes of your reviews, and where search engines will look to determine if you’re the real deal. We make sure you’re started on 3 of the major ones.

Rank higher, and get more out of your site!

Messaging Consultation

Learn What To Say, and When
  • We Help You Define Phrases that Make Customers Buy
  • The Results Are On A Single, Easy To Use Sheet

A Managed Website

We Do The Heavy Lifting
  • We Build and Manage the site for you
  • Development Costs are Spread Over Time
  • Includes a Messaging Consultation
  • Includes Lightning Fast Hosting

Everything Else

Get Found! Get Business!
  • We can get you listed on 25+ Online Directories
  • Get your website in front of your customers through SEO and Adwords
  • Custom emails using your domain
  • Regular content creation for your Blog

Our Proven Process

1. Define Your Message

Knowing What to Say

In a about a 1 hour session we'll work together to see what your messaging looks like in a simple, comprehensible format.

Done Through Our...

Messaging Consultation

2. Find Potential Markets

Delivering Your Message

Now that we have your message, it's a simple matter of getting it in front of your target people. We work together to find opportunities to make that happen.

Done Through Our...

Messaging Consultation

3. Practice Your Message

Practicing Your Script

The right message to the right market generates results every time. In this step, we work together to test your message, and maybe even close some business!

Done By...

Testing Your Message

4. Sales Opportunities

Drawing In Your Deals

The right message to the right market generates results every time. In this final step, we work together to continue finding markets and refining your message.

Done By...

Implementing Your Message

We've Got The History

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Websites Built
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Emails Addressed Per Day
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Phone Calls Per Day
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Meetings Per Week

Wonderful People We've Helped

Amber Taylor
Amber TaylorFormer BNI Member
Read More
Devon is a wonderful person. He is full of energy and knowledge. He offers so much to our group, and is a valuable resource when you need anything. I refer my friends to him as he takes such good care of them. I'm glad to be connected with Devon.
Waneita Bovan
Waneita BovanBovan Floral Group
Read More
I am currently working with Devon to repair SEO from an past company. He's also setting up proper email accounts, set up product specific areas on my website and a few other tasks. I am very impressed with his organization and task management.I am not a techy person and Devon does a fantastic job breaking projects down into small understandable projects. When he gets one thing checked off the list I can see that it's done and how much it's costing me. As a small business this is perfect. I would highly recommend Devon for any website, SEO and computer assistance.
Dave and Steve Holland
Dave and Steve HollandLubeman, LLC
Read More
My testimonial is for Devon Godfrey,for his knowledge in helping Lubeman llc,create an outstanding web-site.I would refer Devon's work to anyone needing a web-site developed.He also saved us money!
Machelle Duprey
Machelle DupreyGood Vibes Studios
Read More
Developing and maintaining my website was depleting my profits and time. The Freydom Sites platform is not only easy to manage but extremely economical. The website’s features allow you to provide all the information about your small business anyone really needs to know.
Lori Shoup
Lori ShoupHealthy Self Wellness
Read More
I always procrastinated getting a website because I was afraid of the cost and the maintenance that comes with a website. Devon at Freydom Sites takes care of all your needs with minimal effort on the customers end! With the Freydom Sites platform I was able to create my own website easily.
Sabrina Haralson
Sabrina HaralsonHarmony Health Collective
Read More
I was so nervous about building a website until I met Devon Godfrey at Freydom Sites. I was just getting started as a health and life coach and I had shopped around to the point of exhaustion and overwhelm for help, only to find companies who were talking and selling way over my head. Devon was sensitive to my lack of experience and met me where I was at. He cared about my business having a good website, but he also cared about me as a business owner and all the lives my business would touch.

This is Great and All...

But how much does this cost?

Unfortunately, all websites are different

Give us a call and let's work something out!