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How to Network With People and Grow Your Business

    No Man Is An Island

    I network with people, a lot, and I’ve heard many times from many different people this simple phrase, spoken as if it’s a core truth and one that is an eternally limiting to those who aren’t lucky:

    “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

    – Unknown

    Is there truth to this? Of course there is. Who you know is vital to not only who you are, but who you perceive yourself to be. Is it the complete truth?

    Not really. In fact more often that not I see this used as an excuse for people to not even try reaching their dreams.

    If no man is an island, and who we are is largely determined by who we associate with, then networking with people is the art of meeting and connecting with the people you need to know.

    The Truth About How To Network With People

    I wish I remember who said this, but it goes something like this:

    If you’re ever worried about what people think about you, remember that they are all worried about the same thing.

    – Unknown

    Based on this, who you know is only half the truth. The other half is understanding that everyone else is out there with the same anxieties and fears you probably have, reaching for similar goals.

    When you know this about networking with people all of the sudden you have so much more in common with just about anybody.

    Judy Robinett dives much deeper into this subject than I ever could, but take this piece of insight home with you.

    It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know. However you must be someone worth knowing.

    That is your in, and how you get to know the people you need to know. You can’t always control other people, but you can always work on yourself.

    Becoming Someone Worth Knowing

    The first step is simply knowing what good you do for people.

    Are you an effective communicator? Do you solve a very specific type of problem well? Do you serve a specific type of person really well?

    Write it down, the next step then is defining your elevator pitch. Fortunately, I’ve already created a blueprint that will allow you to do just that.

    For more details on how to actually build your pitch, I have an amazing PDF for you. Leave you’re email here and I’ll send it over.

    From where the other person sits, if the value you bring is valuable to them then you’re a valuable person to know. Simple as that.

    If you feel you need to be connected with a specific person, find out what their needs are. This is much easier if you know someone who already knows them.

    Once you know the good you bring, and practice it well, you’re able to network with people in confidence and strength.

    What Value do I Bring?

    Through my networking journey I’ve found I’m a very effective listener and that I help people clarify their thoughts. I’ve since refined that skill to help people obtain a very specific result:

    I help people find the right words to communicate what’s on their minds.

    The simplest way I do this is I help people define their elevator pitch in 15 minutes or less. One that not only accurately describes what they do, but incites interest in the person their speaking with.

    This method is compiled into a PDF that you can take advantage of right now. Leave your email here and I can send it on over.

    Or, you can reach out on our contact page and set an appointment.

    Possibly through these opportunities you will be able to find your special value you bring, and network with people much more easily.