We Don't Bill You Directly

Using our Adaptive Development Plan

How The Retainer Works:

Monthly and Down Payments Go Into Your Retainer

Your Retainer Account Grows and Shrinks, Based On Usage

Development And Material Costs Come Out Of Your Retainer

How The Billing Works

With A Negative Balance, You're Billed An Extra $99/Month/$1000 In Debt, Starting With The First $1000

With a Positive Balance (Paid Ahead), You Get 25% Off Our Hourly Rate

With A High Enough Positive Balance, We Remove The Retainer Deposit From your Monthly Bill Entirely

The Process:

Let's Determine Your Goals

It starts with us sitting down, via Zoom or phone call and planning what your ideal goals are for the next year.

How Can Your Site Achieve it?

Once we know what your goals are, we will then go ahead and plan out how your website can help you achieve them.

Let's Build It, And Make it A Part of Your Daily Operations

Let's get your website to work FOR you and teach you how to incorporate it in your everyday business operations.

Practice The Use of Your Site, Monitor Your Goal Progress

You'll practice the use of your site and we'll monitor your progress towards your goals. We'll support you with any tweaks and updates you may need.

Adaptive Development Plan:

We offer a down-payment option to save money, but otherwise we operate very strongly on a month by month basis. Your investment is gradual, and not more than you can afford.