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3 Easy Ways to Convert Visitors

    Understanding “How” to Convert Visitors

    Conversions are the most important consideration for your website. This is what you expect people to do when they visit; buy something, make a call, follow you, whatever you need.

    This is where the return on your investment comes in and you know what your site does for you.

    It’s understandable if when presented with this possibility of “how” to convert your visitors you feel a little intimidated. Don’t worry! Here in this article I’m giving you 3 easy ways to convert visitors on your website.


    Method 1: Calls

    It doesn’t get much more classic than this! If you have a small business calls are likely your primary form of communication outside of face to face meetings.

    So, why mix things up?

    If all you want people to do when they visit your site is call, then that is probably your best source of conversions!

    How do you do this? Well if you’re looking at this page on mobile, you might notice a little call button in the lower right hand corner. Give that a tap and it opens your calling app, giving you a direct line to me.

    This isn’t special to this site, this can be set up for you to! And the best part is that it’s measurable.

    Imagine looking at a report and seeing that in the past 30 days you had 87 calls from your site. How exciting would that be!

    This, and much more is possible with that little mobile call button.


    Method 2: Feedback

    You can talk all day on your site about how great you are, but you know what’s even more valuable?

    Other people saying how great you are.

    Having a feedback section on your site is instrumental to getting online reviews and testimonials from your customers for your business.

    To do this, either have a “feedback” link right in your main menu or a section of your contact page devoted to this. This way, every time you do business with someone you can say to them “Hey! Since I’ve done so well with you would you mind leaving a testimonial, maybe even a review?”

    Once said, it’s as simple as saying “go to my contact page on my website”.

    This is measurable as well. Clicks on the “testimonial submission” button as well as links away to leave Google Reviews and the like can be measured, therefore you can see in a report how many people left you feedback.


    Method 3: Social Media Follow

    While never a true replacement for an email list, social media is still a very powerful component of your overall online strategy.

    Have in your footer, and maybe even your header, links to your social media page(s). Clicks on this is measurable, so each time a visitor clicks onto your social media button and checks out your page, that counts as a conversion!

    Once they view your page, and ideally like/follow/etc, they become a part of your network, and as long as you’re putting out exciting content you can capitalize on that attention!


    In Summary

    These are three simple ways to get conversions, or in other words, “value” from your website. The number of ways you can convert are as limitless as the human imagination, but as a rule of thumb it’s better to focus and grow a few that work very well for you than many that don’t work at all.

    Play with these three ways, and double down on what works best.

    Take care! And good luck converting your visitors!


    Remember, if you have any more questions on how to convert visitors, you can get a hold of me directly on my contact page or tap that mobile call button ( Yup, these actions count as conversions ).