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Did You Miss Out On These Online Statistics?

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    What does it mean?

    Once up a time, websites were looked at primarily on computer screens. The eyes that most commonly looked at a website were people in professions or looking to impress people and tell the world about themselves.

    These days though, the average internet user is not only much more “layman”, but also is viewing your website on a much smaller screen, as well as relies on online social proof.

    In short, our mentality on what our users expect needs to change. Especially if you are a new business looking to build yourself up from scratch.


    Meeting new expectations

    From this data, we can assume the following traits of the average internet user:

    This means you as a local business needs to cater to these needs, which means:

    • You need a fully mobile experience that is easy to use
    • Your social media should be active and up to date so it can edify the legitimacy of your business
    • Whatever the big companies are doing in your field, you should offer an equivalent experience ( by the way, building that is not always terribly difficult or complex )

    You impact your user experience, people start to trust you. As they come to trust you, they will do business with you. Also if you thought the Millenials where bad, Generation Z is on the way.


    How to keep up?

    The online landscape is always changing, which means it’s a constant investment.

    However, your website and online efforts should never be a black hole to your finances.

    If you’re not sure if your making a return to your investment your first priority should be to figure out how to measure that return. To do that, sometimes you need help. However here are some great starting points if you want to take a stab at it by yourself:


    The online landscape is changing at an alarming rate, and making sure to keep up is extremely important to stay relevant to your audience. The big secret though is to keep a helpful attitude.  Your website should be nothing more than another expression of how you help your customers.