Case Studies

Learn more about the work that we’ve done and see examples of ways that we’ve improved our clients businesses. 

Twins Pizza

Goal : Online Ordering System Tools : WooCommerce,  Wordpress, Trello Solution : Twins Pizza had an online store previously, and needed an upgrade. Using various tools we upgraded their website, built some custom functionality to send faxes instead of emails, and built an order management system in Trello so that they can keep better track […]

Shiawassee Martial Arts Center

Goal : Attendance Management System Tools : Knack, Android Tablet Solution : SMAC used to spend about an hour a day processing attendance, which was managed on paper and at the end of every night needed to be sorted and cataloged. Now, students simply walk up to a tablet, select their class and their name, then they are […]

Townline Sales and Service

Goal : Service Order Processing System Tools : Trello, Typeform Solution : Townline Sales and Service has two buildings, the 2nd of which houses the garage and services department. Trying to keep up with what was in progress, what was waiting on parts, and a multitude of other factors meant a lot of running back and forth between […]

Doerr P.C.

Goal : Replace old call reporting system Tools : Slack Solution : Doerr P.C. need a new, up-to-date method to report “calls” that have come in. We were shown their current tool that they were using and we noticed that there was little difference in this tool from a simple chatting program. They were promptly set up […]