Free Online Tools : The Top 3 for Businesses - As a business owner you’ve got a lot on your plate. How is cash flow? What clients are being problematic? Gosh darnit now where are my glasses?! Given how busy you are you might not have a lot of time to experiment with online tools. So to make things easy for you here are my top […]
Tracking your time in Toggl - Tracking your time is one of the most valuable things you can do for both yourself and your business. As discussed in my previous article having in-depth knowledge of where all you and your employees efforts are can bring very valuable insights and help you prepare for the future. My goal with this article is […]
Trello, The Perfect Visual Organizer - As business owners and entrepreneurs there is always a multitude of ideas rolling around your noggin. One of the problems with our brains however is that while creating ideas can be relatively simple, holding onto or tracking them can prove to be a challenge. Not unlike feathers in the wind you they just float away the […]
Time, your most valuable resource - You have a very powerful resource at your disposal, and you have had it all your life. You are born with it, molded by it, and every day you spend just a little bit more of it. It’s a resource that when managed for both business and life you are enhanced. If left on its own […]
Driven by Passion – Welcome to Play Frey Technologies - Hello Sirs, Madams, Clients and Observers. Welcome to Play Frey Technologies. My name is Devon, and it’s my honor to welcome you to our launch. Let me take a moment to discuss why I’ve constructed this business and wrote this very article. Focus and Goals The focus of this business is to fulfill a very […]